One million SL accounts

SL1MSometime between 10:10am and 11:10am SLT – when we were trying to setup our comms – the SL website counter registered its one millionth SL account. The screenshot on the right reads 1,005,088 when we noticed. It looks as if Stuart Warf Mystra Hyde is the winner of SLI’s first contest with the prediction of Oct 18th 11:00am SLT 8:30am SLT. We were a day and a half late with our prediction – comment #100 of October 19th 20:00 SLT – not too bad considering it was made on Oct 10th – especially when you look at some of the other predictions at that time. 🙂 Congrats Stuart Mystra and congrats SL!

UPDATE : Pathfinder Linden posted the precise time – 08:05am SLT – after the jump. This makes Mystra’s comment #21 on October 2nd the SLI winner.

Reuters open SL bureau

“In ‘Second Life,’ we’re making Reuters part of a new generation,” Reuters Chief Executive Tom Glocer said in a statement. “We’re playing an active role in this community by bringing the outside world into ‘Second Life’ and vice versa.”

The above quote from Tim Glocer on the opening of Reuters SL bureau in this CNET piece registered. Over the years I have had the pleasure of meeting Reuters representatives in my travels. What spoke volumes about each was the respect and esteem local people held for Reuters editorial principles and its direct and indirect positive impact on their respective societies. Adam Reuters SL / Adam Pasick RL as Reuters SL bureau chief continues the tradition of pioneering new frontiers. Wishing Adam every success and happiness in his new posting.

When I visited Reuters Atrium for a look around I had an interesting chat (made all the more so by the lag) with a visiting tech reporter who was paid in schekels. She was on an undercover assignment which we had a good laugh about. After complimenting Digi of The Electric Sheep Company on their best work yet IMHO (the inbuilt social networking features and Heads Up Display (HUD) are extremely impressive) I retired to the Blarney Stone where Bruce served up a brew and a tune. RL coverage after the jump from NYT, BBC and the Guardian.

UPDATE : Adam chats with Business Communicators of SL twos weeks into his beat