Collaborate and Co-create in SL

Having such direct feedback can significantly enrich the design process and lead to innovative and surprising end results. This fits with the Philips Design philosophy that design should be based around people and grounded in research. It also corresponds to Philips Design’s firm belief that the future of design lies in the co-creation of products.

Reading Philips Design announcement on its collaboration agreement with Rivers Run Red the above quotation registered. It has been one of the best kept secrets over the years that Philips makes great products. From VCD to DVD to DVD Recorder players its problem has been connecting with people to get the word out.

By embracing the Third Wave early this could very well be the missing link Philips Design have been searching for over the years. Virtual worlds hold much promise for organizations who chose to explore, experiment and learn before real life and virtual life become one. We will follow with interest the Philips Design and Pontiacs Motorati collaboration and co-creation projects.

Closer To My Customer (CTMC)

“Communicating with customers via the Internet can become more personal and more direct,” Wietze Reehoorn, a member of ABN’s executive board, said in a statement. “Competition between Dutch banks will be determined to a significant degree by finding the best way to establish personal contact with customers.”

Adam reports that Dutch bank ABN AMRO is the latest RL organization to join the SL community. The above remark from Wietze Reehoom registered.

For those thinking about following suite I recommend watching this interview with Millions of Us (MOU) founder Reuben Steiger over on The Podtech Network. Reuben tells the story of how MOU brought Scion into SL and the lessons learned along the way.

Closer to my Customer (CTMC) was an initiative I was involved with back in 1992. In that pre-Internet and pre-mobility era much of what we dreamed about is now becoming possible. Interesting times indeed.