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Digital Identity in SL

Last week I promised to write a post on the impact of big business entering SL. The purpose of the post was to try and start a conversation on many of the concerns I have heard voiced from long term residents over the last six months. One event I had been particularly looking forward to was the Sustaining The Metaverse 3pointD Think Tank session. Unfortunately the event was brought forward by three hours from the originally scheduled time so I ended up missing it completely. Yes in some ways comms between SL and RL is still in its infancy. Thankfully the 40+ people who did attend have generously shared their thoughts post the session.

Mark Wallace has written-up a post on the ideas that came out of the session which is recommended reading. Three core themes crossed many of the issues raised – community, technology and environment – all of which I care passionately about. Aki suggests in the comments setting up a wiki to track the ideas raised which Martin is in the process of doing so. Rather than sounding off here on my thoughts and starting a separate conversation I shall go and join the conversation already started over on the 3pointD Think Tank. Had I made it I would have joined session 5 where commercial, political and societal concerns were discussed. If you are reading this and feel likewise I suggest you do likewise.

Virtual Worlds Travel Agency

Synthravels is the first organization to offer a complete guide service to all the people who want to make a tour in virtual worlds without knowing these new realities, even if they have never put their feet in these strange, synthetic grounds.

The tours and the destinations are chosen by the staff of Synthravels, composed by programmers, architects, experienced video gamers.

When setting up Mobil Avenue two questions surfaced time and time again. The first was how long would it be before a virtual worlds travel agency was launched. Well according to Clickable Culture it looks as if Milan based Synthravels has risen to the challenge. Founded by Matteo Esposito and Mario Gerosa, Synthravels launched last week. Mario brings a wealth of experience from the RL travel industry serving most recently as former editor of Conde Nast Traveller Italy. Looking forward to trying out their service.

The second question was how long will it be before a RL travel guidebook publisher issues a SL edition. Now that SL has surpassed 1 million accounts (identities not users given some people have multiple accounts) it theoretically ranks 154th out of the 230 countries listed by population on Wikipedia. Lonely Planet has been a personal favorite of mine over the years. Given their USA address is 150 Linden Street perhaps destiny awaits Lonely Planet to do so.