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Learning to Reinvent in Realtime

Two articles have sparked a number of conversations over the last 48 hours. The first by Reena Jana and Ali Mc Connon in BW shares lessons learned todate by RL organizations upon entering SL. Make sure to checkout the tip sheet at the end. It was refreshing to read a piece on how SL is remaking organizations rather than the other way around. The days of organizations merely replicating their presence in just another market are over.

The second piece by Robert Holden looks at the knock-on effect of the rapid increase of registered accounts on the SL currency supply and its likely economic impact. Both pieces serve as a reality check for organizations that SL is not a game but a place with real people who’s time and space must be respected and trust earned.

Learning to reinvent themselves in realtime are skillsets oganizations across all sectors are currently struggling to come to terms with. Fostering connectivity, collaboration and co-creation which in turn builds and strengthens communities are key to participating in the revolution and evolution of markets. It is something I have written about in dino inc and is why I am excited about the role SL is playing within the participation age. Interesting times indeed.