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IBM in Second Life

We are poised for the next major step. We can now bring these exciting capabilities, already in wide use in science, engineering, defense and consumer applications, into the worlds of business, education, health care and government. This was the step that led to IBM’s e-business strategy ten years ago. Could we be at the onset of v-business? Based on my initial experiences in Second Life, we are all in for an incredible ride.

A number of organizations are tuning into IBM’s presence in SL. IBM’s two Metaverse Evangelists tasked with spreading the word among their 320,000 colleagues worldwide have been speaking publicly about their roles. Roo Reynolds was interviewed by Johnatan Fildes last week and Ian Hughes was interviewed by Lukas Chadbourne today. Irving Wladawsky-Berger both shared his first steps in SL and reiterated IBM’s interest in virtual world going forward. Interesting times indeed.

UPDATE : Adam Reuters has a great post on IBM and Virtual Worlds here

UPDATE 2 : Kate Sixgallery on IBM CEO Sam Palmisano upcoming RL/SL global town-hall event and IBM activities within SL

UPDATE 3 : Shaun Nichols sheds more light on the $100M global innovation jam

Linden Lab mission

… our mission is that we are working to create an online world having the exceptional property that it advances the capabilities of the many people that use it, and by doing so affects and transforms them in a positive way. More specifically, since there are so many possible definitions of ‘online world’, we are trying to create a close reproduction of the actual physical world we live in – one that will be easily comprehensible and useful to us because it will so closely resemble ours.

Following on from recent SL announcements Philip Linden has started some conversations on the future of SL. The LL founder and CEO post raises more questions than answers which is not always a bad thing. Heres hoping that this marks the beginning of some much needed two-way conversations on the evolution of SL. If you have not read the post I recommend doing so and the comments which accompany it.

UPDATE : Transcript from Nov. 9th Concierge Townhall – surprised no one asked why SL does not tweak the freemium model it currently operates – free basic membership have an ad / sponsor section within their display screen while premium membership are ad / sponsor free – a new LL revenue stream completely untapped todate.