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Reuben Steiger on SL

We bring real life companies into virtual worlds. So we help them translate what their products and services are all about and manifest those in a virtual environment. Alot of companies look at this as a great stage to get in and run some early experiments and see what they can do in environments like this.

Millions of Us is a creative services provider which helps organizations understand and harness the power of virtual landscapes. Prior to setting up Millions of Us, founder Reuben Steiger was Chief Evangelist at Linden Lab, creators of SL. In this seven minute promo video Laura Wegner of Ralston360 chats with Reuben about his views on the past, present and future of SL. Looking beyond the promo aspect of this video it is the best introduction to SL I’ve seen todate.

Big business impact on SL

What impact will the interest of big business have on what some describe as virtual utopia? If you are a member of such a community, what do you think will change in it as advertisers and marketers get in the game?

Some interesting responses to the above question that accompanied todays NYT Richard Siklos piece on virtual worlds. Lots of ongoing conversations at the moment around digital identity which tie-in with this piece. After speaking with some more long term SL residents over the weekend I shall write a post. Hoping to make the offical opening party for the aloft hotel tonight. If you missed Rena Gana’s BW podcast with Gif Constable speaking about the aloft project back in August it is worth checking out. Runtime is 12 minutes.