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Casual Games Holy Grail

Paul Heydon is MD of Avista Partners, a London-based boutique investment bank founded earlier this year, solely focused on the media sector. His presentation at last weeks Casual Games Association in Seattle has sparked a number of conversations. With Casual Games coming of age Paul’s strategic review of the sector is recommended reading as are commentary from Ben Kuchera and Raph Koster.

Virtual Goods in Vogue

Last weeks Virtual Goods Summit mashed up with the Metaverse Roadmap and PwC’s prediction that the global entertainment and media industry will hit $2 trillion by 2011 promises interesting conversations lie ahead this week.

What percentage of this $2 trillion will flow in-world? Does a brave new world await TV virtually as David Itzkoff discussed in his NYT piece? Will Congress use its upcoming virtual goods taxation report to outline a policy roadmap? All of which puts virtual goods in vogue.