Credit Cards in Virtual Worlds


Back in May 2006 Phillip Torrone wrote an article on the future of credit cards in Virtual Worlds over on MAKE magazine. One year on his predictions are beginning to materialize with World Of Warcraft (WoW) launching a Visa Rewards Card. Given Visa Europe’s recent announcement that it was taking up residence in SL and its appointment of UK agency Clusta to oversee its project one suspects a SL Visa Rewards Card offering is not too far behind.

Sun’s Virtual Workspace

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Silicon Valley Sleuth captured the above video featuring a working prototype of Sun’s virtual workspace offering at a recent open house at Sun Labs. The voice you hear is that of Sun Labs Nicole Yankelovich giving a walk through demo of MPK20. Named as the 20th building within Sun’s Menlo Park campus in Silicon Valley first impressions of its Virtual World offering are impressive.