Customer Services + Virtual Worlds

It may yet be some time before these cyber worlds come into their own – yet other web 2.0 technologies may offer another route for companies to make conversations with their customers easier.

Good to see Jo Best joining the conversation on customer services within Virtual Worlds over on BusinessWeek. Interesting to see the distinctions made between the Second Wave and Third Wave throughout the article. While very early days yet Virtual Worlds present a wealth of opportunities for organizations willing to experiment and learn.

Language schools await SL Voice

Constructing virtual environments for language learning that either augment or replace classroom work has been a holy grail of foreign-language educators since the first digital “microworld” was developed 15 years ago. “The basic idea of getting individuals to interact in a microworld or simulation is extremely interesting, but it’s hard to do,” says Robert Fischer, a professor of French and linguistics at Texas State University and the executive director of the Computer-Assisted Language Instruction Consortium.

Michael Erard has a timely Technology Review piece on language schools plans for virtual worlds, the challenges they face and LanguageLab’s September SL launch. Todate text-translator offerings such as Universal Translator, Kitsune HUD (English-to-Japanese) and R246 J2E HUD (Japanese-to-English) have facilitated communicate between residents from the Americas, Europe and now Japan. It will be interesting to see how SL Voice shapes the revolution and evolution of language schools within virtual worlds.