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Next Generation Platforms

Last weeks AOL acquisition of Bebo for $850m has triggered a numbered of conversations about next generation platforms. As with Rupert Murdoch’s acquisition of MySpace for $580m back in July 2005 and Microsoft’s $240m investment in Facebook implying a post valuation of $15bn much of the initial media focus has been on the purchase price.


Debra Aho Williamson shared Comscore KPI data for each of above looking at unique visitors worldwide, US social network advertising spend and time spent on site. The growth and importance of social network platforms continues apace. With proof-of-concepts now firmly in place all eyes are on next generation platforms soon to come to market.

Some of the hybrids we are tracking from the social network and virtual worlds space show promising early signs. As development continues apace within this space each of these next generation platforms will take digital identity and attention streams to a whole new level. All of which will provide the foundations necessary for the Meta Age to become a reality.

Virtual Worlds Facilitation Role

Catching up on coverage of last weeks Metaverse U Conference in Stanford I was struck by Millions Of Us founder Reuben Steiger recommendation to read The Future of Work by Thomas Malone (2004). For those unfamiliar with earlier works by Peter Drucker, Charles Handy or a number of organisational thinkers it serves as a useful conversation starter. Personally I would recommend Giving Notice by Freada Kapor Klein as a more current and relevant reference point for those trying to understand the future direction of the work space.

Rivers Run Red CEO Justin Boddington recently remarked that 60% of the queries they have received of late related to internal communication projects. Organisations cannot be something on the outside they are not already on the inside as many early entrants to Second Life have learned. With two of the Metaverse Development Company founders who brought many of the early entrants into Second Life awakening to this fact that is a very good thing.

PA Consulting and The Sunday Times recently teamed up to host a conference titled Getting Real About Business in Second Life. Claus Nehmzow of PA Consulting moderated a panel with Randy Sisks of Cisco, Pascal Spelier of ABN Amro and Dominic Rushe of The Sunday Times. The event was recorded and is viewable in four parts. Runtime for each video is under 10 minutes.

Part one and two provide business presentations from each of the panel on their experiences in Second Life todate. Part three covers the following topics from the Q&A – virtual worlds v video conferencing, partnering through Second Life, communication methods and integrate channels. Part four covers the following topics from the Q&A – entry costs, focus groups, confidential meetings, recruitment and the future of virtual worlds.

Over the next five years most businesses will have a virtual world presence just as they have a website today. As the above example demonstrates some of the more forward looking organisations are already experimenting with early virtual world offerings. While only at the very beginning of the beginning of our transition to a Meta Age virtual worlds represent a unique facilitation role for organisations of all sizes and sectors. Interesting times indeed.