Philip Rosedale at SIME 06

SIME (Scandinavian Interactive Media Event) is not about visions and dreams but focuses on how Internet and the evolving digital environment changes the world we live in, both for us as individuals as well as for companies and the societies we live in.

Martin Varsavsky has posted a video of Linden Lab founder Philip Rosedale’s chat with Ola Ahlvarsson at SIME 06. As Philip was in SL during the interview and Martin captured a video of the video on his phone the picture quality is poor but the audio is fine. Runtime is 12 minutes – recommended listening.

HBS class looking for interviewees

We are students at The Harvard Business School studying virtual worlds for our Entrepreneurial Marketing class. We are very interested in interviewing a few people that are avid users of either Habbo Hotel or Second Life. We are hoping to conduct 45 minute to 1 hour interviews over the phone if possible. It may also be possible for us to conduct the interview over an instant messenger service, but we would prefer to do the interview over the phone. If anyone is interested and would be willing to spend an hour with us we can send them a $50 gift card of their choice after completing the interview. Please contact our team:

Just received the above request via email so I’ve decided to share it here. Feel free to do likewise. If you are an avid SL or Habbo Hotel user HBS students would like to pick your brain for an hour. While Mobil Avenue has no relationship with HBS we support initiatives which further peoples awareness and understanding of virtual worlds.