Dawning of a Meta Age

Nick Wilson invited me to a new Second Life group called Metanomics 07′ yesterday. A link to the above video followed which offers a brief outline to a very ambitious project. Were it anyone else attempting to pull this off I would have my doubts but having watched Nick work his magic over the last 6 months it merits following.

His company Metaversed.com has partnered with Professor Robert Bloomfield at Cornell University to explore and define best practices in virtual business. Topics proposed will be of interest to businesses beginning to tune into a three-layered strategic approach of micro, macro and meta.

Lots of meta-goodness is on its way. Metaverse, metanomics and metabrands are all about to enter the business lexicon over the coming years. If you are interested in participating at the dawning of a Meta Age then Metanomics is highly recommended.