Virtual World Conferences

The second annual Apply Serious Games (ASG) conference was recently held in London. Our pick of upcoming Virtual World conferences announced todate are listed below in chronological order. Discounts of up to 40% are available for those who book early. If you are organizing an event in 2007 then contact us with details.

SLCC 2007 – Chicago, US, August 24th-26th 2007

This year, the 3rd Annual SLCC will be located in Chicago at the Hilton hotel. The convention has grown in size expecting upwards of 1000 attendees. This year the SLCC will be using a multi-track format to maximize on content and interaction. The four tracks are Education, Machinima, Business/Future of the Metaverse and Social/Entertainment.

Serious Virtual Worlds – Coventry, UK, Sept 13th-14th 2007

The theme for this first Serious Virtual Worlds conference is ‘The Reality of the Virtual World’ and takes a close look at how virtual worlds are now being used for serious professional purposes. Many organisations are now actively researching and deploying virtual worlds. Serious Virtual Worlds is your introduction to the serious uses of virtual worlds.

slconference 2007 – Berlin, Germany, Sept 16th-18th 2007 – CANCELLED

The conference will consist of a one-day workshop followed by a two-day conference featuring interactive sessions and workshops revolving around Business & Marketing, Education, Art, Design & Scripting and Community & Citizenship. Keynote presentations will also be a highlight of the conference as well as evening entertainment programs.

Virtual Worlds Fall – San Jose, CA, US, October 10th-11th 2007

Virtual Worlds Fall is dedicated to helping businesses harness the power of virtual worlds to engage with their customers, partners and employees. The conference has five primary tracks: Entertainment and Marketing; Virtual Worlds for the Enterprise; Business Strategy and Investment; Community and Customer Service; and Design and Development.

Virtual Worlds Forum – London, UK, October 23rd-26th 2007

This two day conference and exhibition covers both public and private virtual worlds. The conversation will range from how brands can engage with consumers in virtual worlds and on the 3D web for commercial and brand advantage, to harnessing the power of corporate collaboration and private virtual worlds.