Trip Box

When you look at Second Life today, you may say, “I don’t like the graphics.” Or, you know, “It’s clunky. It runs too slow.” But you have to bear in mind that in just a few years, this is gonna look like walking into a movie screen. And that’s just gonna be such an amazing thing.

The above quote from Philip Rosedale’s interview with David Pogue registered. It reminded me of an excellent video I watched recently called Trip Box. We truly are only at the beginning of the beginning of the Living Web.

Relevance of Afterworld

Afterworld” is about life on earth after an inexplicable global event
renders technology useless and 99 percent of the population missing. The story follows the adventures of Russell Shoemaker, who wakes up in New York after this event and is compelled to walk to Seattle in the faint hope that his wife and child have survived. Russell pieces together the complex mystery behind the global event while encountering survivors rebuilding society in strange and surprising ways.

Last weeks Sony Pictures Television International (SPTI) acquisition of exclusive international rights to Afterworld across multiple digital platforms has sparked a number of conversations. The 2.5D animation series will comprise of 130 two-minute episodes in short form and 13 half-hour episodes in long form. Created by Electric Farm Entertainment using a layer of animation over a static base image it represents a very early first look of what is yet to come. A one minute trailer is viewable here. have already picked up the series and plan to make new episodes available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. My prediction that machinima would overtake podcasting this year in terms of revenue just took a major step forward.