Catching up on unread feeds I discovered that Irving Wladawsky-Berger is moving on from IBM to start a new chapter in his life. Irving and John Patrick championed the First Wave of the Internet during Lou Gerstner’s era at IBM. Continued success to you and your family Irving on your next adventure.

A new generation of IBMers have taken up the mantle under Sam Palmisano as IBM embraces The Third Wave. Chief Architect Jessica Telling started the skunk-works project which Roo Reynolds and Ian Hughes have joined to create IBM’s presence as we know it today in SL.

BMW Head of Brand Relations Achim Muellers RL / Munich Express SL hosted a second session for members of the SL Business Communicators Group (SLBCG). Topics covered include SL culture, BMW’s SL strategy and integrating with SL communities. Linda Zimmer RL / Znetlady SL has again kindly posted the transcript. As with the first session there is much to learn by taking the time to read it.

Some were surprised to learn the Mercedes have taken up residence in SL on Sprinter Island. The more relevant question today is not who is in SL but more to the point who is currently not. In closing I will note that SL crossed the 3M residents figure sometime yesterday. Here’s hoping that Wednesday’s update contains some magic to carry higher concurrencies than times past. 30k needs to become 50k for the momentum to continue.

Second Life : The A-Z Guide

SL is the talk of the town at Davos this week. Simon Usborne has pulled together Second Life : The A-Z guide in today’s Independent. No idea how long the articles will remain available before disappearing behind the firewall. At the time of writing this post SL residents stand at 2,938,614. After this weeks media coverage it may surpass the 3M figure over the weekend. Among the new arrivals will be many of the 2,800 WEF attendees plus their entourage. Interesting times indeed.