Kuurian Expedition on New Publics

I finally got around to attending a Business Communicators of Second Life (BCSL) session. Smiddy Smails played host to a Kuurian Expedition (KE) talk by Gregor Kondo on Text 100 island. If you have never heard of the KE it was an initiative originally conceived by Edward Castronova to assist researchers explore virtual worlds. Gwyneth Llewelyn has more on the KE in SL.

Gregor gave a good albeit one sided presentation – note to Gregor – next time you talk about New Publics I would recommend also talking about how it is remaking New Corporations – more than happy to give you some constructive feedback if interested. Much of the follow on Q&A session revolved around questioning that very relationship.

Znetlady Isbell is usually pretty good at putting up the transcript which I shall link to when it appears. Despite chat history and IM repeatedly packing up requiring reboots and the psychedelic Thomas the Tank Engine experience I highly recommend joining BCSL if you have not already done so.

Linden Lab evangelists in RL

Linden Lab marketing director Glenn Fisher gave the above 20 minute presentation at LeWeb3 in Paris last week. Glenn provides a good overview for those new to SL despite the live demo wifi gremlins. Linden Lab community manager Cindy Skybird RL / Cny Linden SL is a panelist on day 2 of BlogHer next July. Good to see new Linden Lab voices on the circuit building on the evangelist groundwork Philip and Cory have laid over the last year.