Yahoo Time Capsule

Yahoo Time CapsuleI swung by the Yahoo Time Capsule project yesterday evening to have a look. It was the strangest feeling walking towards the capsule. Watching the user-summited digital text, audio, pictures, video and other media swirl around was hypnotic. As you can see from the snapshot there was a good crowd present. When Destroy Television turned up many of us snapped out of our trance. ESC did a great job in co-creating the experience which Jerry and Chris shared their thoughts on. I wonder what people will make of this event in 2020 when they open the capsule? Interesting times indeed.

SL support services

[15:48] Robin Linden: We know that the current system isn’t scalable, and we also know that it isn’t possible any longer to offer the same support services to everyone. how we address that is still being discussed.
[15:48] Robin Linden: We have a communitiy roundtable meeting coming up next Thursday afternoon. I blogged about it recently.
[15:49] Robin Linden: There’s a discussion going on in the blog comments, and we’ll continue it at the meeting. I think, given the interest level, that I’ll schedule additional meetings to talk with people as we go.

Reading through the transcript from yesterdays Concierge Townhall event the above comment from Robin Linden registered. In advance of next Thursdays Community Roundtable Meeting I have started thinking about how Mobil Avenue might contribute towards creating a new SL support service. As Robin openly states the current system is not scalable. The post he refers to requesting ideas in advance of next weeks meeting on the SL weblog already has 192 comments. After reading through each of them I went back and read Rhiannon Chatnoir’s October 19th post titled the turning point. For those interested in joining the conversation next week I suggest you do likewise.