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Design Out Of Chaos

Usage of the term meme within mainstream media has increased significantly since we first started tracking it via google alerts over the last 12 months. As with all new terms making their way into the lingua franca of business its interpretation and application varies widely.

Memeticist and author Susan Blackmore recently gave an interesting talk at TED titled Memes and Temes. She defined memes as that which is immitated or information which is copied from person to person.

The first half of Susans talk provides a useful introduction to the concept of memes while the second half provides a conversation starter on memes, genes and temes. Runtime is 20 minutes and recommended viewing in full.

Social Computing Going Mainstream

Our first quarter has been diverse and interesting. On the for-profit side we have introduced architects to collaborating via Second Life, investment bankers to mentoring via Eve Online, retailers to incorporating World Of Warcraft within their in-house training programs and provided second opinions to blue chips on their Internet Strategies.

On the non-profit side we have spoken with representatives from charities about how they might better harness the power of the Web. One of those is Paul Lynch and his committee who organise the annual GOAL charity ball in Paris. This year they are using a wiki to organise the event rather than email. Ronan and Paul have revamped enabling people to pay for tickets online, specify meal choices and pick tables. A group has also been setup on Facebook (GOAL Ball Paris) for attendees to join in the conversation.

Each of the above projects are good illustrations of the transition now taking place in social computing. The beneficial use of second generation Web tools is now moving from early adopters to mainstream users.