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Columbus School of Management

Catching up on unread feeds over the last 24 hours there appears to be big changes afoot at Linden Lab. Firstly CEO Philip Rosedale’s help wanted post for a Grid guru shows that no one internally is up for the role. Given the grids current configuration and user demands a concurrency of 50k is required as opposed to the existing 30k.

Secondly Jesse Linden posted a request for volunteers to participate in a usability review. While initially worried that Linden Lab were undertaking this exercise internally it was reassuring to read Andrew Crow’s post over on Adaptive Path that they are on board for this project. Given their expertise within this space this is welcome news.

Thirdly Robin Linden announced contingency plans over the interim to try and keep things running within the current grid constraints. Some of these plans will necessitate short term sacrifices to keep the show on the road. No they will not be popular but yes they are required.

Mark Wallace raises a number of valid concerns in a record breaking 1,800+ word post which is recommended reading. I am less concerned than Mark about Philip, Cory and the Linden Lab team getting the next steps right or the future of virtual worlds. With input from OpenSL and a number of other communities work around’s will be found.

The proof of concept has already happened and virtual worlds are here to stay. We have entered virgin territory on how to scale Second Life. While MOU, ESC, RRR and all SL residents grow increasingly frustrated by grid performance issues we are all on a voyage of discovery. In dino inc I talk about leadership, followership and fellowship in the 21st needing to become more comfortable with the Columbus School of Management.

When Columbus left Spain he did not know where he was going, when he reached the US he did not know where he was and when he returned to Spain he could not tell anyone where he had been. However over seven years he successfully completed the journey on a number of occasions. Having followed what Philip and Cory have achieved since 1998 I have every confidence that they will figure things out again on this occasion also. Onwards.

Voice, Presence and Flow

It is always good to catch up with clients and see how they have been getting on. Like many conversations these days our relationship started with the simple sharing of a link. In this case it was for a Google Techtalk with Philip Rosedale and Cory Ondrejka from March 1st 2006.

Six months ago the words voice, presence and flow meant little to our conversation. This week I learned that they had become part of the organizations very DNA. Chatting about two recent Hollywood Reporter pieces on SL it was remarked that before we met both pieces would have gone completely over their heads. Today they are very much in tune with the meaning contained within.

Which has prompted me to begin writing a follow on book to the soon to be released dino inc. No working title yet but it will feature case studies of organizations who are using Second Life to re-imagine and reinvent themselves. Interesting times indeed.