Virtual Worlds

In 2008 the Virtual Worlds universe surpassed 100m active residents globally. Mobil Avenue is currently monitoring the following projects on behalf of its clients. If you would like to learn more about any of these please contact us.

Virtual World Platform Developers

Active Worlds : hosts over 1000 virtual worlds

Areae : creators of Metaplace

Big World Technology : middleware for MMO developers

Forterra : Adapts game technology for public/private sector

GeminiMobile : 3D mobile client server platform called eXplo

Google : 3D virtual environment platform called Lively

HiPiHi : Chinese VW initiative

Innov8 : a BPM simulator from IBM

Kaneva : unifies 2D web with a 3D experience

Linden Lab : creators of Second Life

MakenaTechnologies : creators of There, VLB, VHills, PMP

MediaMachines : creators of Flux Worlds

MediaX : Project from Stanford University

Metaversum : German startup in stealth mode

MPK20 : Initiative from Sun Research

Multiverse : network for bespoke Virtual Worlds

NovoKing : VW in closed beta from China

Ogoglio : browser based urban space for creative collaboration

OpenCroquet : non-profit P2P project

Project Darkstar : from Sun Microsystems

Qwaq : commerical version of OpenCroquet

Tixeo : 3D real time collaboration

Transcosmos : creators of Japanese VW called meet-me

Uni-verse : EU funded initiative

VastPark : virtual content platform