SL Vodcast Review

One development I have followed with interest is the emerging number of vodcast (video on demand casts) covering SL. Four in particular have caught my attention.

The first which launched to much fanfare back in December was The Grid Review a co-production between Edelman and the Electric Sheep Company. Anchored by SL residents moo Money and Nylon Pinkney its goal is to deliver the best SL news machinima. While holding much early promise it has stuttered out of the gates and would appear to be low in terms of priorities for its principals.

The second is the Britney Mason Show which struggled to find its way after its late December launch but has since found its groove. Episode 9 with CC Chapman and episode 10 with Uncle Seth gave a flavor for where the show niche lies. Getting people to share their stories connecting their avatars, RL and SL is a rare talent and something Britney has in abundance.

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The third is GBC News produced by Osprey Therian which I discovered by way of the Second Life Art News. While only 2 episodes have aired the format is promising with the show being co-hosted by SL residents such as the talented Ida Amida whose SL tourist weblog Baedeker I’ve enjoyed reading since discovering it last year. Interestingly they chose to go with text to speech recognition software for audio in their first show. While understandable why they would given the ease of production here’s hoping down the line they get a sponsor or three and run with actual hosts voices as they have done in the second show.

Last but not least is SLO TV (SLObserver TV). While only one show has been posted to-date early signs are promising. It is good to see an ever increasing number of non-English feeds turning up in our feed reader and Google news alerts daily.