Connect, Collaborate, Co-Create

”We think the reason is that Second Life is perceived as having moved from being a game to a virtual development platform. This is what we thought the internet was going to be 10-15 years ago – a collaborative space that’s both social and creative. Broadband has been longing for its killer application in the past few years. There’s no disguising a lot of the hype but people want something different.”

The usually very timely Jemima Kiss finally got around to writing up her notes to last weeks New Media Knowledge event (which I mentioned here). In the comments Nobody Fugazi counters Jemima’s post title of “MSN on legs” with “blogs on steroids with IRC” which I rather enjoyed.

Connecting, collaborating and co-creating all require engagement which is one of the great opportunities SL affords. Recurring themes which run throughout Jemima’s piece. Despite the Steve Gillmor school of thinking on links approach (noted and observed 😉 ) it is worthy reading.

If you are not already subscribed to the paidContent feed then I strongly recommend doing so. Rafat and his team provide some of the best global coverage on the emerging digital media space. As a regular subscriber since its launch paidContent is essential daily reading for those wishing to remain current with ongoing developments.

UPDATE : Best wishes to Jemima who started a new job on Monday. paidContent’s loss is the Guardian’s gain.