Interdependent + Interconnected

Economic turmoil over the months of August and September have awoken many to the present day realities of how interdependent and interconnected we have all become. The recent collapse of Sigma Finance draws the curtain on a once $400bn Special Investment Vehicle (SIV) industry which over the last 25 years sowed the seeds of our current credit crisis. While commentators move from debating the wisdom of using the term bailout instead of rescue package to the shortcomings of central bank regulators our financial markets have forever changed. Masters of the Universe are a thing of the past and that is not a bad thing.

Technology has been a key enabler of our interdependent and interconnected world over the last decade. In September Google and Skype celebrated their 10th and 5th birthdays respectively. Both have played foundational roles in paving the way towards our coming Meta Age. The question many organisational leaders are starting to raise is how do they improve communications in preparation for a Meta Age. Social Computing holds many of the answers. Forward looking companies such as SocialText have been quietly getting on with developing enterprise ready platforms to meet the needs of organisations of all shapes, spaces and sizes. And that is a very good thing. Interesting times indeed.