MOU / Intel hosting lessons

For any organization wishing to learn more about the art of hosting in Second Life I highly recommend tuning into this conversation over on Metaversed. Nick Wilson RL / 57 Miles SL recently attended an Intel virtual press conference organized by MOU. He was far from impressed with his experience at the in-world event and stated as much via his weblog and daily podcast.

However rather than merely choosing to slam the event he went on to offer some constructive criticism. The post was written at 12:48 on May 30th. Within 12 hours a number of knowledgeable SL residents had joined the conversation within the comments on rethinking virtual press events. 30 hours later Rodica and Reuben from MOU along with Paul Steinberg RL / Peretz Stine SL from Intel dropped by and joined the conversation. Real time global feedback at its best.

While not present at the above event I have attended my fair share of events in-world. Just as in RL there is an art to hosting in Virtual Worlds. Twelve months ago most of us turned a blind eye and cut the new breed of Metaverse Development Companies (MDC’s) a lot of slack. It quickly became apparent that many were new to event management in-world and were learning-by-doing.

However 12 months on residents expectations are higher and tolerance for poorly organized events lower. It is disappointing to see a lot of hard work repeatedly spoiled by bad first touch experiences. Here’s hoping that all MDC’s (small, medium and large) and organizations thinking about entering SL learn some valuable lessons from the above conversations.