Virtual Career Fair, May 15th-17th 2007

TMP Worldwide are hosting a Virtual Career Fair in SL this week. Deadline for resume submissions is Monday May 14th. Candidates are asked to specify their preferred times and dates for interviews during registration. Those whose experience matches recruiters requirements will be contacted directly with interview details which will be held on TMP Island in-world.

Branded under the trademarked name NiW (Network in World), TMP have lined up an impressive list of recruiters offering in-world interviews for real world jobs. With Ebay, HP, Microsoft, Toshiba and Verizon all on board looking for talent it promises to be a unique pilot event.

Virtual World recruitment fairs offer a number of benefits over their real world counterparts for candidates and recruiters alike. Savings on time, cost of travel and flexible appointment arrangements for initial interviews immediately comes to mind. As in-world tools become more user friendly and intuitive NiW will be the first of many such fairs to be held within Virtual Worlds going forward. This is a great example of what we term middle space in action. Interesting times indeed.