Countdown to SL 4th Birthday

Today sees the launch of Second Life Brazil via Linden Lab local partners Kaizen Games. So if you see or hear the word Oi! in your travels in-world do not be alarmed. It is more likely to be a friendly Brazilian greeting rather than the 70’s punk slang.

Second Life Japan is currently collecting email addresses for notification of its official launch. I’ve been enjoying Torley’s BlogHUD posts from around the grid. His pictures from Shibuya prompted me to drop by for a visit. Some of Japan’s better known brands are visible taking up residence within SL’s newest continent.

Both of these events combined with the imminent arrival of SL voice on the grid ensures a busy couple of weeks lie ahead. With only 2 months to go before the Second Life 4th birthday celebrations one wonders what other announcements maybe forthcoming. Rumors of a potential sale or IPO continue to circulate. Interesting times indeed.