Virtual World Widgets

With Cruxy’s Second Life Player, anyone can upload their original media, such as a song or video, to Cruxy and then automatically send a customized virtual widget player to any Second Life avatar. The Cruxy Second Life Player can be passed between avatars in a virtual world in much the same way a web widget can be shared through copy-and-paste code on the web. The player can then be worn by the avatar or displayed in their home or venue. The player streams artists’ media content into Second Life, allowing nearby avatars to collectively experience the content.

Cruxy also plans to release a system for Linden dollar-based transactions for digital media, providing a seamless way for in-world users to purchase real-world media. Visit for complete information on Cruxy’s Second Life widget offerings.

Delighted to read today that Cruxy announced the release of a Cruxy SL Player. Cruxy has created a marketplace for artists by provided power tools enabling digital creators to promote, distribute and monetize their work. Widgets will play an important role in the Third Wave of the Web.