Digital Identity in SL

Last week I promised to write a post on the impact of big business entering SL. The purpose of the post was to try and start a conversation on many of the concerns I have heard voiced from long term residents over the last six months. One event I had been particularly looking forward to was the Sustaining The Metaverse 3pointD Think Tank session. Unfortunately the event was brought forward by three hours from the originally scheduled time so I ended up missing it completely. Yes in some ways comms between SL and RL is still in its infancy. Thankfully the 40+ people who did attend have generously shared their thoughts post the session.

Mark Wallace has written-up a post on the ideas that came out of the session which is recommended reading. Three core themes crossed many of the issues raised – community, technology and environment – all of which I care passionately about. Aki suggests in the comments setting up a wiki to track the ideas raised which Martin is in the process of doing so. Rather than sounding off here on my thoughts and starting a separate conversation I shall go and join the conversation already started over on the 3pointD Think Tank. Had I made it I would have joined session 5 where commercial, political and societal concerns were discussed. If you are reading this and feel likewise I suggest you do likewise.