Red Pill or Blue?

IBM’er Dr. Tony O’Driscoll’s post Virtual Worlds going mainstream and its accompanying video titled Virtual Social Worlds and the Future of Learning have triggered some interesting conversations. It was very timely following on from Lord Puttman’s remarks yesterday. Tony’s 7 Sensibilities that differentiate Virtual Social Worlds from other interactive media is recommended viewing and food for thought.


Our resident Virtual World guru who has been looking at this space since the early 90’s summed it up with one of his mantra’s.

While the 20th century was all about role play in the workplace, the 21st century will be all about plays role in the workspace.

The days of organizations having the luxury of deciding whether to take the Red Pill and reinvent themselves or take the Blue Pill and continue on as normal are numbered. Transition from The Second Wave to the Third Wave of the Web is happening faster than most people realize. For some The Living Web is already here. Interesting times indeed.