New thinking required

Rok Hrastnik’s two part posting on SL were brought up in conversation today. After reading his posts the words how very 20th century came to mind. Advertising, Marketing and PR practitioners need to move from an either or to yes and way of thinking and lose the 20th century command and control language. Here is some free advice Rok. Tune into what the NMC (intro video above) is doing and take up the talented Linda Zimmer on her gracious offer in the comments. You maybe pleasantly surprised with what you learn.

ESC strategic $7m funding round

“As many top brands are already discovering, virtual worlds present an enormous opportunity to build communities and create new advertising opportunities,” said Sibley Verbeck, CEO, The Electric Sheep Company. “Virtual worlds are the first successful incarnation of interactive television. They provide a 3-D, immersive environment in which fans can meet each other, interact with characters or cast members, and generate their own content. This partnership will allow us to explore new potential for CBS’ content, and that of all our current and future customers, in the virtual space.”

Congratulations to the ESC team on raising $7m in their latest funding round. Adam has more on the deal and Giff shares his thoughts. After its recent tie-up with Ill Clan and successful working relationship with CBS the strategic partnership makes alot of sense. All eyes now are on the number 2 and 3 players within this space, MOU and RRR, as to whether they will continue to grow organically or go the strategic route as ESC has chosen to do so. Regardless of which route each chooses both need to significantly bolster their machinima presence if they are to keep pace with ESC. Interesting times indeed.