Happy Holidays

Mobil Avenue shall be closed from today for the holidays and reopen on January 3rd 2007. To our friends, families and fellow SL residents we wish you one and all a very festive season. Here’s hoping 2007 brings good health, happiness and wealth your way. It promises to be a very special year in so many ways here at Mobil Avenue. We look forward to sharing every step of the way right here with you. Happy holidays.

SL for Marketers

* What does the typical Second Lifer look like?
* What activities and destinations are most popular inside Second Life?
* Exactly what some of America’s leading brands are doing in Second Life today
* The numbers behind the numbers (what BusinessWeek isn’t telling you)
* The risks you need to consider before making a move
* The keys to a successful big company presence in Second Life
* What the future holds for marketers in Second Life
* Some of the other virtual worlds that marketers should be thinking about any why

Lots of ongoing conversations since yesterdays breaking news that Publicis have launched a $1.3bn friendly bid for Digitas. Publicis chairman and CEO Maurice Lévy acknowledged in an FT interview that it serves as an endorsement of the speed at which advertising is moving from traditional media to new media.

Chatting about the matchup I’ve mentioned this recent SL piece over on MarketingProfs written by Greg Verdino. Greg along with fellow Digitas SL resident John Young are leading the upcoming Hitchhikers Guide to the Metaverse : SL for Marketers which seeks to address the above quoted questions.

How are they going to manage it? The viewer from Greg’s avatar will form the visual accompanied by audio commentary via the conference call. While current technological limitations prevent a real-time streaming 3D experience the 3 second frame refresher will be enough to serve as a SL primer to participants.

Reading the comments accompanying Ann Handley’s piece it is good to see the marketing community beginning to tune into the attention economy and the Living Web. As mentioned in dino inc a very early prototype is already here – just signup to SL, explore, experiment and begin to experience it.