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The 2008 HBR List

Every year HBR publishes The HBR List which identifies breakthrough ideas for business leaders to consider for the coming year. HBR Senior Editor Lew McCreary speaks about 4 of the 20 ideas in this video interview.

It was good to see The Gamer Disposition by John Seely Brown & Douglas Thomas, Making Alternate Reality the New Business Reality by Jane McGonigal, The Metaverse : TV of the future? by Miklos Sarvary, Giving Avatars Emotive control by Judith Donath and Happy Metadata trails by Jan Chipchase making this years list.

All are recommended reading and food for thought as we enter the Meta Age. For those interested in linking the above ideas together I recommend listening to this podcast. Adam Pasick interviewed Mitch Kapor at Davos last week and touched on many of the above themes.

Connecting Games with Reality

Jane McGonigal was named one of the TR35 2006 young innovators changing the world through technology. Her work focuses on improving quality of life through reality-based gaming. She gave a wonderful presentation on Connecting Games with Reality at the Web 2.0 Summit last week.

Currently Lead Game Designer with the Institute for the Future Jane believes that “one of the most important technology trends over the next 3-5 years will be the effort to embed dynamics of network game play in everyday life”. Runtime is 11 minutes and highly recommended viewing.