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Geek dinner in Paris

Last night I went along to a geek dinner organized by Brian Suda and friends in Paris to promote microformats. Brian, among many other things, is an expert in microformats and recently was technical reviewer for a book just launched on the topic.

Jeremy Keith and Andy Budd were also there to help with the dissemination of information. There were about twenty people present. Christophe Ducamp was master of ceremonies and tried to ensure that there was a flow of information from Brian, Andy and Jeremy.

At the start of the evening I had a most informative talk with Andy about microformats. Andy made no claim to be an “expert” but I was impressed and now have a deeper understanding of the topic. The evening commenced with Brian and Jeremy giving high level descriptions of microformats and the philosophy behind them.

After that we broke up into 3 groups with the focus being on microformats. However the conversation on our table was wide ranging with Christophe and Louis Montagne discussing the best way to organize an upcoming barcamp event for Paris. Overall a most enjoyable night. Ronan