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The Next Digital Experience

Last weeks session titled The Next Digital Experience at the World Economic Forum in Davos is recommended viewing. The panel was chaired by Michael Arrington from TechCrunch and made up of Hamid Akhavan from T-Mobile, Eric K. Clemons from Wharton, Chad Hurley from YouTube, Craig Mundie from Microsoft, Shantanu Narayen from Adobe and Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook. Discussions cover how mobility, social networks, privacy and platforms are co-evolving in a Meta Age. Runtime is just over one hour.

The Future of Business

With global consensus finally reached on 2009 being a year of recession people are starting to seek answers on how to shorten its duration. Innovation is the topic du jour around the world with technological innovation coming top of the agenda. Business leaders are starting to speak nationally about how to turn recessionary challenges into opportunities. Rupert Murdoch encourages his fellow Australian’s to embrace technology in the second of five Boyer lectures on ABC tonight.

Eric Schmidt shared his views about the future of business in this 6 part video interview with James Manyika. Part one covers the coming remote control for life, cloud computing and network effects. Part two covers the Power Law and how you need both the “head and tail” in a “yes and” rather than “either or” world. Part three covers the freemium business model and how free is better than cheap.

Part four covers the wisdom of the crowds and how new models of governance are needed to foster open and transparent communications both internally and externally. Part five covers the nature of innovation, simplexity and shared value cultures. Part six covers strategic platforms and the evolution of global standards.

Each of the above are recommended viewing in full – runtime is 18 minutes with lots of food for thought. Great to see Ian Davis and his team at McKinsey starting to make their material more publically accessible. Heres hoping many of his peers and the organisations they advise start to follow suit. After all knowledge is a never ending conversation.